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The BSBB Team

We aim to nurture and build upon our unifying love for finance, with special importance given to Boutique Investment Banks, which we believe can be the starting point of your financial career.



Writing Research papers and finance-related articles

The core of BSBB knowledge and operations. Through the research papers, we navigate through M&A deals, asset management advisory and the investments of the most elite. This is where learning about the investment world of Boutique Banks becomes reality. Hence, this department allows those interested in Boutique banking and finance to study and write articles about a specific topic, which are then published on our platforms.


Market updates and value creation

We love to stay ahead in BSBB. Hence, this department occupies itself with weekly market news of the financial sector. Furthermore, this branch of BSBB creates the value of this association through articles and presentations of specific practical topics such as "How to structure in your CV for a banking job offer", or "How to prepare for an interview in the banking sector?"

In essence, it allows the members of our association to gain valuable information on the banking sector and showcases the practical skills that the members of our association can use in their professional career.


Speakers and BSBB activities

The events department is the one organizing all of the fun and interesting events that create strong bonds between our members. It schedules internal meetings to understand the Boutique Bank sector, exciting interviews with professionals, constructive discussions and debates on financial topics, and the list goes on...

Here in BSBB, we understand the crucial importance of connections, and how relating ourselves with the right group of people can make us grow; the events department brings this to fruition.


Shaping our community

If you like marketing through Instagram and Linked In and create cool websites, this is the department to be in. The marketing's members are tasked with the crucial job of expanding the brand image of BSBB through our various platforms, and conveying what this association is all about!

By publishing our Market Updates and Articles, the marketing department also allows external viewers to gain valuable insights on our internal operations.

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